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for quality Bait and Tackle 

Having fished on the Island for over 30 years I decided to offer Anglers on the island what i had been missing ?

Quality Bait and tackle Somewhere quiet well away from high street prices and parking tickets.

Having been stung myself not only by the prices but also a few tickets for no more than a pound of worms and a packet of hooks i decided to make a difference to Island Anglers by offering Quality Bait and tackle at online prices in a quiet location without having to pay for parking or risk a ticket.


We have lots of free parking right outside. 

We not only match online prices in our shop but very often we beat them!

Baitstation has also opened to offer anglers Bait and tackle in the evening until 8pm so if you finish work just as the shops shut and fancy an evenings fishing were here to provide you with the bait and tackle you need when you need it.

We specialize in saltwater With a great range of terminal tackle, live baits and Quality blast frozen bait to choose from. 

We are located in a central position in the west wight its a great stop if your in the west wight or on your way to what many regard as the Islands best fishing locations including Alum Bay, Chale Bay, Yarmouth pier, Totland Bay, freshwater bay, Fort Victoria, The Needles. to name a few.

Never too busy to Chat. Happy to answer any Questions from advanced to beginners.  If you have just started fishing and are unsure of what you need and where to go why not pop in for a chat il do my best to get you catching. 

  We stock Devon baits entire range including Sandeel, Mackerel, squid, crab, lug. the list goes on. Its what i use and its What i recommend. 

Strike like you mean it !! 


Upper yard 

Newbarn farm

Sun hill


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