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Chef de particle

Gourmet prepared particles by Baitstation


Fresh cooked hemp

By chef de particle

Small batch cooked to perfection in house at Baitstation. Like all our particles our hemp is completely natural and has nothing added. If you would like to make this pva friendly please feel free to add  a 500ml tub of Pink rock salt for only £2.50 when purchased with any bucket of particles.
5ltr hemp £12.50 Includes bucket.
500ml pink rock salt £2.50

Cooked hemp seed

Cooked hemp seed


6 Seed Spod Mix

Gourmet Spod mix by Chef de particle

Our 6 seed spod mix is cooked in house at Baitstation.
We pre soak and cook each batch of top quality seed individually to ensure there cooked perfection and blend in equal quantities once there cool. Always frozen on day of cooking to ensure there perfect once defrosted for use.
All our particles are completely natural with nothing added. If you want to make this product pva friendly feel free to add a 500ml tub of pink rock salt for just £2.50 when purchased with any bucket of particles.
5ltr Spod mix £12.50
10ltr spod mix  £25.00
500ml Pink rock salt £2.50

Gourmet 6 seed spod mix

Gourmet 6 seed spod mix