Sticky Baits Vor-tex+ Glug

Sticky Baits Vor-tex+ Glug

Made using a blend of liquid food products, fenugreek, pure maple extract and a potent fish protein extract, this thick, sticky liquid really clings to the bait. Any hookbaits that are left to soak in Vor-Tex+ Glug are given a real boost of attraction, which releases constantly over a prolonged period of time.

No synthetic chemicals or flavours are added, Vor-Tex+ Glug is 100% natural and cannot be overused. Add freely to bottom baits or hookbaits to add a layer of super soluble attraction for carp to home in on.

Vor-Tex+ Glug is designed to be used with the items in the Vor-Tex+ range, however it can be added to any mix you wish for an added boost of attraction.

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