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The Krill; instantly appealing and tailored to suit a carp’s dietary requirements, there is no wonder this fantastic range has the best track record in recent history. A combination of the finest fishmeals, milk proteins and birdfoods make The Krill really is one of the finest bait ranges on the planet.

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Utilising a Sticky exclusive peanut protein along with a blend of refined milk proteins and birdfood, the Manilla range is the most complete and nutritional year-round bait range available. Finished off with a divine Madagascan vanilla extract, you would be hard pressed to find a bait that smells nicer than Manilla!

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By Sticky baits

Often copied; never bettered! Our original Bloodworm range is heralded as the best of its kind and it still works just as well today as it did many years ago. To ensure we are ahead of the game, we incorporate high levels of real bloodworm into our products which constantly release natural food signals to the carp.
Although Bloodworm is a fishmeal-based bait, the combination of LT94, milk proteins, soluble fish proteins, crustacean extracts, blood plasma and Robin Red make it suitable for year-round use. The mix contains fast and slow release energy sources, as well as vitamins and minerals to make sure it is as good for the fish as possible. The finished bait is subtle in smell, yet highly attractive, and sports a deep, rich red colour.

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