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Everyone is welcome to send in there pictures of there fish caught with Baitstation Baits for there chance to be featured on the World famous Baitstation wall of fame. 

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Baitstation Isle of Wight

Me with the Beast ...

Bait Isle of Wight Baitstation

Visiting Angler Paul Fitzgibbon from Margate in Kent Came into the shop just the other day Asking for some advice to catch his first bass while he was on holiday out the back of the Island ! I simply advised him to fish squid in close as thats my game plan this time of the year! Leaving armed with Baitstation squid and some Sakuma Manta Extra 3/0s he returned a day later with this cracker !!
Still cant believe this was a first bass! I think anyone would be happy to have this as there first bass! 
Weighing in on the shop scales at just shy of 6lb.

Baitstation Baits

Steve Has kicked off our wall of Fame in style.


Gone out and pulled this stunning blonde!

Ray. 16-17lb

Well done Steve what a fantastic looking fish. 

Caught using Devon Baits Sandeel.

Baitstation Baits

Steve has done it again this time tagging one from the shore.

Painted Ray 6-7lb

Devon baits Sandeel does it again! with a little help from Steve of course.

Great to see a good stamp of fish being caught around the Island.

Baitstation Baits

Matt Cassell Has been scoring well out the back of the Island catching some stunning undulates this particular fish see him claim second place in the recent west wight open comp. caught using Devon Baits Sandeels. This is a cracking fish to be taken from the shore. 

Baitstation Baits

Awwwww bless ! haha nice shot of a baby ray from matt cassell ! this would of looked good in my tank!  Ok a touch too big but im thinking i should put up a little prize for someone to bring me a teabag ? 

Baitstation Baits

Matt Cassell has been at it again this time tagging a stunning looking ray out in the boat ! 

Give this guy some quality Sandeels and launce and there is no stopping him.

Again caught using Devon baits Sandeel from baitstation Isle of Wight

Nice shot with our famous wight chalk cliffs as a back drop ! 

Baitstation baits

See what i mean about no stopping him ! 

Matt cassell at it again tagging another clonker.

Caught using Baitstation Bait !! 

Baitstation Baits

James Huyton has been out back using Baitstation Baits and has scored well producing this quality Ray.

Baitstation Baits

Steve Greenen has been out bagging himself another blonde.

Cracking looking fish with huge wings weighing in at 25lb this is a new PB for Steve.

Caught using Devon baits Launce from Baitstation Isle of Wight.

Baitstation Baits Isle of Wight

Matt Flambard with a nice 25lb conger taken on a recent trip to chale bay. 

A belter to be taken from the shore.  

Baitstation Baits Isle of Wight

Matt Flambard scored an early season bass with this chunky little fella. fishing an evening session on a solent shore mark with baitstation baits. 

Not the biggest bass but a lovely chunky fish hopefully a sign of good things to come this summer.

Baitstation Baits

Steve Greenen has been out fishing for Bream with the quiver. 

One of a huge 40/50 fish haul. 

Its been a nice May bank holiday weekend and Steve has clearly been making the most of it. 

Baitstation Baits iow

Jack Greenen showing off a fine specimen Bream lovely markings on this one and a huge tail to go with it.

one of many fish landed.

A well deserved spot on the wall of fame.

Baitstation Baits

Simon Gifford caught this stunning spotted ray using Baitstation baits Fishing a famous local mark at night.

There not the biggest of rays but i think one of the best looking and as spotted rays go this is a pretty good fish.

Seabaits @ Baitstation

Simon Gifford with an early smut.

Nice to see there turning up to shore anglers already.

Baitstation Seabaits

Gareth Turner displaying a better stamp of fish with this 6lb beauty. 

Anyone doubting there about stop doubting and start fishing.

Baitstation Baits

Nick Cassford with a match winning Stinger ! 

After visiting Baitstation on his way to the latest Ventnor Angling Club match Loaded with Baitstation baits he goes on to win the match ! weighing in at 44lb  3.5oz its an impressive stinger! 

There seems to be a theme running here only the weekend before last Arron Dyer popped in for Bait on his way to a match and won that first cast with an equally impressive undulate. 

Fishing at burntwood a popular spot for hounds and rays proved a wise move. 

Getting your Bait at Baitstation even wiser.

Baitstation Baits

Love having this little lad at the shop he is as keen as mustard and would climb in the display tank with the crabs if he could. 

Here is Bailey catching his first smoothie a cracking fish with a smile to match! 

This is what its all about encouraging the next generation of anglers.

What a result.

 Another well deserved spot on our wall of fame.

Baitstation IOW

Matt Flambard with a fine smooth hound from the shore. At 11lb 13oz its one of the biggest ive seen this season. Fishing at one of my favourite Bass marks proved a wise call as this cracking smutt proves. 

Baitstation Isle of Wight

Matt Cassell following suit here with another decent smoothie! 

Theres no doubting there in now! 

Bait shop Isle of Wight Baitstation

Ricky Parr another Baitstation Regular has been targeting stingers and came up trumps with this 22lb beauty! 

Fishing Worm a proven top stinger bait did the business.

After searching for stingers for some time he has finally landed his target species.  

A Cracking first fish up on the wall of fame for Ricky.

Onwards and upwards whats next ?? 

Baitstation Isle of Wight

Liam Crews taking a nice painted Ray while out fishing recently one of many fish caught out the back of the Island including a few strap congers ! 

Well worth noting wheres theres baby conger theres usually a biggie not too far away  

I would consider going back and launching a whole macky into the horizon ! 

Baitstation Isle of Wight

John Simpkins With a bad pic of a AMAZING Bass. way to go ! The fish all bass anglers are looking for a good double weighing in at 12lb 4oz .

After popping in for bait on what i already thought a perfect night for a big bass john heads off out the back of the Island and lands this beauty.

From the Shore a double figure Bass is the fish of a lifetime for a lot of people so a huge well done to John.

Baitstation Sea Baits

Golly Marriott with a cracking Bass taken from East Cowes on a recent session using Baitstations Peeled and Gilled Crab Chunks. weighing in at 8lb 2oz its a worthy addition to the world famous wall of fame. 

Bait shop Isle of Wight Baitstation.

Alison Baxter here with a nice Ray From out the back ! 

Baitstation iow

Steve and jack greenen have been back out to the Blonde banks and pulled up some cracking fish as shown here with two on board at the same time !